Aoi - A soulmate cherish every moment of motherhood

Aoi is a brand dedicated to both mother and baby, researched and developed by Inochi. The Aoi ecosystem focuses on creating diverse product lines to be with babies through each stage of early development.

Aoi will be a trusted friend, accompanying and sharing the challenges in the journey of caring for babies. With Aoi, our little angel will experience holistic development and explore the world on their own. From there, Aoi will build a nurturing journey filled with joy, inspiration, and lifestyle with mom and dad.



Aoi baby bottle

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Aoi baby bottle

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Laundry secrets to keep baby’s clothes clean and fragrant

Washing clothes properly helps babies feel comfortable and parents feel more at ease thanks to some simple tips such as sorting clothes before washing and choosing detergent and fabric softener specially for babies. Wash baby’s clothes separately from adult’s Babies’ skin is tender and easily...

Mr. Murugan Subramaniam - Technical Innovation Specialist of Tan Phu Vietnam

At Tan Phu Vietnam’s factories, we consistently maintain and  improve our  operations to align with international standards adopted by the company. With the producing process that meets the ISO 9001:2008 standard, quality control system that meets the ISO 15378:2017 and 45 years of experience in producing plastic products, we guarantee to bring high-quality, safe products for mom and babies.

Master, Doctor Bui Thi Tra Vi - Department of Nutrition and Control, Hanoi Medical University Hospital

Babies’ digestive system is immature and vulnerable, and babies’ sucking abilities are not fully developed, so that they are more prone to choke and spit up while drinking milk. After experiencing and evaluating, I realized that Aoi baby milk bottles are made from PPSU, which is completely safe for both use and hygiene. The nipple is soft, with an air vent valve, which is safe and comfortable for children.