Aoi baby milk bottles have just passed Japanese food hygiene and safety standards

Vietnamese consumers are among the most picky in the world, thus they have long trusted and preferred goods that adhere to Japanese quality standards. Aoi baby milk bottles have gained credibility and satisfied Vietnamese parents’ preferences after passing the stringent Japanese Food Hygiene and Safety Standards test.
Once again, Aoi milk bottles are confident to be a soul mate accompanying parents on their journey to raising healthy children.
Besides, parents should not forget that Aoi milk bottles and their raw materials and manufacturing plants also meet the most rigorous standards in the world:
  • FDA: Includes strict regulations issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor the safety of products under the management list circulated in the US market.
  • RoHS: Health and environmental protection standards in the EU market, also a mandatory requirement to allow businesses’ products to circulate in the large EU markets.
  • Amfori BSCI: Global Business Social Responsibility Compliance Assessment Standard
  • NSF: The world’s highest standard for public health safety
  • Sedex-SMETA: International Standard for Ethical Business Practices and Social Responsibility
  • ISO 15378:2017: International Standard for Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Quality Management System