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Meeting the World's Strictest Standards

With raw materials sourced from leading Silicone and PPSU suppliers worldwide, and manufacturing technology mastered by Tan Phu Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Aoi products meet the highest domestic and international standards.

Japanese Quality of Food Hygiene And Safety

The Strictest Standard for Market Circulation in the United States

Health and Environmental Protection Standard in the EU Market

International Standard for Quality Management Systems in Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

International Standard for Ethical Business Practices and Social Responsibility

Standard for Assessing Social Responsibility Compliance in Global Business

The World's Highest Health and Community Safety Standard

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* Some of the standards mentioned may not be printed on the product packaging due to international regulations regarding the use of certification logos

from BASF Group

What’s PPSU material?

Why is PPSU chosen as the material for baby bottles?

Aoi baby bottles are made from PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) plastic, a premium material known for its excellent durability and high safety standards, commonly used in healthcare and food storage. PPSU baby bottles are among the top-rated products on the market today, trusted by parents.

Baby's safety is the top priority

Do you know, Mom?

BASF is the world’s best PPSU supplier. With its headquarters located in Ludwigshafen, Germany, the BASF Group has subsidiary and joint venture companies in more than 80 countries, 6 integrated production sites, and 390 other production sites worldwide.

Directly imported silicone from Japan's leading silicone conglomerate

Aoi pacifier nipples are made from 100% silicone directly imported from Japan’s leading silicone conglomerate.

Modeled after mother’s nipple during breastfeeding, Aoi pacifier nipples are carefully designed to provide the safest and most comfortable nursing experience for your baby.

Premium material, specially designed for softness

The market’s softness rating is the best at 20 Shore A, with its thickness promoting your baby’s natural oral development.

Withstands heat up to 120°C. Resistant to fungi and bacteria.

Anti-spill valve prevents spluttering and over-inflation when your baby nurses in various positions.

Aoi has a small tip for you, Mom!

Mom, regularly check the pacifier nipple. If you notice any holes, tears, or a change in color, please replace it with a new one for your baby!

How to choose nipples and baby bottles for babies

Aoi baby bottles can be used for each stage of your child’s development.

Nipple Size Chart


0 – 1 m


1 – 3 m


3 – 6 m


6 – 9 m


9 m+

Baby Bottle Size Chart

Proper Hygiene & Sterilization Guidelines

Before each use and before the first use, please thoroughly wash each part of the nipple and baby bottle before sterilizing,

Especially, use a nipple puncher or nipple brush to clean and open the nipple hole for the first time, and expand the nipple hole and anti-spill valve.

Attention, Moms!

The anti-spill valve is designed to prevent milk splatter and over-inflation. If your baby sucks vigorously or is very hungry, the nipple may become compressed or blocked. In such cases, Aoi recommends using a nipple puncher or nipple brush to clear the anti-spill valve.

If your baby suddenly becomes reluctant to bottle-feed, you can switch to a larger nipple size to accommodate your baby’s faster and healthier feeding ability!

Removable parts such as the bottle body, nipple, and sealing cap should be soaked in boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes. Over-soaking can damage and reduce the lifespan of the nipple and baby bottle.

Keep the water bottle fully submerged in boiling water.

Soak for approximately 2 – 3 minutes.

Ensure the water for cleaning the baby bottle is at a sufficient temperature.

Allow all parts to cool before use and drain any trapped water inside the nipple to ensure maximum hygiene.

In subsequent uses, moms can sterilize in the microwave or sterilizer.

Aoi Multifunctional Baby Bottle

Aoi reminds Mom

Thanks Mom for choosing Aoi!