Laundry secrets to keep baby’s clothes clean and fragrant

Washing clothes properly helps babies feel comfortable and parents feel more at ease thanks to some simple tips such as sorting clothes before washing and choosing detergent and fabric softener specially for babies.

Wash baby’s clothes separately from adult’s

Babies’ skin is tender and easily damaged by mold and other harmful agents. Meanwhile, adults’ clothes often come into contact with different environments and contain many stains. Washing clothes together can cause stains from parents’ clothes to transfer to their kids’ clothes, causing skin problems such as prickly heat, allergies, etc. Therefore, parents should wash their babies’ clothes separately to ensure safety for them.

Sorting your baby’s clothes separately each time you wash them is something parents should keep in mind (Photo: Canva).

Read the instructions on the label of your baby’s clothes carefully

Each type of fabric will have its own characteristics and needs to be washed in the appropriate mode to avoid shrinkage and fading. For example, wool should be washed at low temperatures and on a gentle cycle, cotton can be machine washed at a normal setting, etc. So before washing, moms need to carefully read the instructions on the label of their baby’s clothes to choose the appropriate water temperature, washing and drying method.

Pretreat stubborn stains

Moms should remove stubborn stains such as milk, food, urine, feces, etc. on their babies’ clothes with a specialized detergent before proceeding to the main washing step. This will help the clothes to be cleaner after washing and minimize the accumulation of stains and odors in the fabric fibers.

Treat rough stains before entering the main washing step (Photo: Aoi).

Choose specialized detergent for babies

Using the same detergent and fabric softener as adults (often containing strong cleaning agents and chemically produced fragrances) can make babies more susceptible to skin and respiratory diseases. Therefore, choosing specialized laundry products for children’s clothes is important.

Here are some features that mothers need to consider when choosing detergent for their children:

Natural ingredients: Detergent with natural ingredients has a gentle cleaning effect to remove dust and dirt from the baby’s clothes.

Detergent combined with fabric softener: Safe fabric softener ingredients help soften the fabric, prevent it from becoming rough, reduce friction that irritates the baby’s skin, and save parents’ time and effort.

Mild fragrance: Fragrance containing natural essential oils, safe and suitable for the baby’s sense of smell, meets the strict standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) for children’s products.

Reputable brand: Products must come from a reputable brand for children and meet quality standards.

Parents need to pay attention to choosing specialized laundry detergent for their babies (Photo: Aoi).

Aoi Organic Laundry Detergent – the secret to safe and fragrant laundry for babies

Understanding parents’ concerns about their children’s sensitive skin, Aoi – a brand dedicated to mothers and babies offers Aoi Organic Laundry Detergent containing gentle organic ingredients, with the mission of nurturing the skin of beloved babies with natural ingredients.

Aoi Organic Laundry Detergent are manufactured with a formula that is friendly to the skin of young children. The cleaning agent of natural origin such as palm oil and chamomile has a high content, helping to remove stubborn stains while still being gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin.

The combination of plant-based enzymes (Protease and Amylase) imported from Europe has the effect of cleaning milk, food, urine, feces, etc. stuck on the baby’s clothes. These enzymes will work on the surface of the fabric fibers and penetrate deep into each fiber, breaking down the stains into small pieces, increasing the superior effectiveness of the washing process.

Aoi Organic Laundry Detergent with benign organic active ingredients is trusted by many Vietnamese parents (Photo: Aoi).

With the fabric softener imported from Germany, Aoi Organic Laundry Detergent helps to reduce the stiffness of the fabric after washing, avoiding friction with the baby’s skin. For hand washing, Glycerin added to the formula also helps mothers protect their hands when washing.

In addition, the natural essential oil-extracted fragrance helps clothes to stay fragrant for a long time thanks to special technology, suitable for children’s sense of smell. Not only gentle on babies’ skin, Aoi Organic Laundry Detergent also helps clean and fragrant clothes, accompanying mothers in the process of caring for their children.

Aoi Organic Laundry Detergent are available in a variety of fragrances: morning mist fragrance, cherry blossom fragrance and trumpet flower fragrance waiting for parents to discover at moms & kids shops or Inochi showrooms nationwide.


Source: Dân trí

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