Mom, Aoi milk bottles proudly meet the world’s most stringent quality standards

For the sake of the safety of babies and the peace of mind of mothers, Aoi continually conducts research and development to create high-quality milk bottles that meet the world’s most stringent standards. Aoi milk bottles excellently passed two rigorous tests of FDA (USA) and RoHS (EU) standards, which are among the strictest in the world.

√ The FDA standards include stringent regulations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to oversee the safety of products within their regulated categories in the U.S. market.

√ The RoHS standard is the health and environmental protection standard in the EU market, and also a mandatory requirement for businesses’ products to circulate in the vast EU markets.

The certificate of compliance for AOI milk bottles meeting the FDA standards of US and the RoHS standards of Europe

Furthermore, the source materials and the manufactoring factories of Aoi milk bottles also meet the strictest standards in the world:

√ Amfori BSCI: Social Responsibility Compliance Assessment Standard in global business

√ NSF: The world’s highest standard for community health and safety

√ Sedex-SMETA: International Standard for Ethical Business Practices and Social Responsibility

√ ISO 15378:2017: International Standard for Quality Management Systems of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

To meet these stringent standards, Aoi dedicatedly researched and developed each small detail, selecting the highest-quality materials to provide satisfying experience for both mothers and babies.

Mother experiences Aoi milk bottles

In particular, the body of bottles is made from premium PPSU plastic which is officially imported from Germany’s BASF Group. This material ranks among the world’s most advanced materials for infant bottles, known for its exceptional properties like ultra-lightweight, extreme durable and resistant to the temperature up to 200°C. Especially, it is completely free from harmful BPA, ensuring the safety of babies’s health. Furthermore, milk bottles have excellent rigidity and elasticity, reducing the risk of shattering upon strong impact. Additionally, the nipple is made from 100% soft silicone, sourced from a leading Japanese silicone brand, renowned as one of the world’s best, and includes an air vent to prevent colic.

100% soft silicone nipple

Aoi milk bottles are also elegantly and modernly designed with charming, adorable patterns and a variety of colors to stimulate babies’ delight during the experience. Each pattern printed on Aoi milk bottles conveys a unique story about the journey of exploring the world of the little bird called Shima Enaga. This little bird represents each baby to explore the wonderful and colorful world.


Each pattern represents an exciting story of the world exploration

Furthermore, Aoi milk bottles are designed to suit each stage of your baby’s developmental journey. Depending on your baby’s age, Aoi bottles come in different sizes (including 80ml, 180ml, and 280ml) to cater to your baby’s breastfeeding needs. Additionally, with each bottle purchase, mothers will receive a convenient and cost-saving package, including a nipple brush and a milk storage lid.

Different sizes of Aoi milk bottles

The nipple cleaner helps clear clogged and collapsed nipples

The milk storage lid helps convert from a feeding bottle to a milk storage bottle

At present, Aoi milk bottles are available in mother and baby stores nationwide. Moms, please visit the nearest store to experience and purchase Aoi milk bottles for your beloved baby!