Mother’s choice: Natural rubber nipple or silicone nipple for babies?

The material of the nipple is a crucial factor when mothers choose baby bottles. Natural rubber and silicone are two commonly used materials for baby bottle nipples.

As the part that directly comes into contact with the baby’s mouth, a suitable nipple will provide comfort and ease for the baby during feeding. Let’s explore the best nipple material for your beloved baby with Aoi!

1. Characteristics of natural rubber nipple:

Made from natural rubber tree latex, natural rubber nipples do not contain BPA or harmful substances, making them safe for your baby. They usually come in yellow or clear colors. The advantage of natural rubber nipples is that they have a soft and gentle texture, similar to a mother’s breast, which can encourage babies to latch and feed comfortably. Moreover, babies tend to latch onto natural rubber nipples more easily, making them suitable for newborns who are just starting bottle feeding.

However, due to their softness, natural rubber nipples may limit the development of the baby’s jaw muscles and chewing reflexes. Mothers should also be cautious when selecting natural rubber nipples, as they can cause allergies in some babies if not suitable. Additionally, their durability and heat resistance are lower, and they can be challenging to clean, requiring more frequent replacement.

2. Characteristics of silicone nipple:

Silicone nipples are made from a safe and non-toxic material, making them extremely safe for your baby. They are known for their durability, resistance to color and odor changes, and resistance to deformation even at high temperatures or when bitten by babies. Silicone nipples have a slightly rough texture that feels close to the skin, providing a comfortable and easy feeding experience for babies.

With a firmer texture and less elasticity, silicone nipples help promote the natural development of a baby’s jaw and mouth muscles. Furthermore, when using silicone nipples, saliva and enzymes blend well with the milk, allowing the baby to absorb all the nutrients and improving the digestive system.

To address the drawbacks of natural rubber nipples and ensure the utmost safety for newborns, Aoi has chosen silicone as the preferred material for its bottle nipples. Aoi’s nipples are made from 100% silicone sourced from the top silicone manufacturer in Japan and the fourth largest globally. Prioritizing the baby’s safety, mothers can have complete peace of mind with the high-quality silicone nipples used by Aoi.

In conclusion, the choice between natural rubber and silicone nipples depends on your baby’s specific needs and preferences. Both materials have their advantages, but silicone nipples are often recommended for their safety, durability, and ease of cleaning. With Aoi, you can trust in their commitment to providing high-quality silicone nipples that prioritize your baby’s well-being.