Sharing tips on choosing feeding tools for babies

The current market offers a wide variety of baby feeding tools with diverse designs and materials, which can pose challenges for parents, especially those who lack experience. If you are planning to buy feeding tools for your beloved baby, you definitely should not miss the following article from Inochi.

1. Choose the right and complete set of feeding tools:

When your baby reaches the weaning stage, there are many tools that parents need to prepare to make the process smooth and enjoyable for the baby.
  • A baby’s feeding set should include:
  • Divided tray.
  • Set of spoons.
  • Highchair.
  • Handled cup.
  • Large and small bowls with lids.
  • Bib.

And more…

2. Ensure the safety of feeding tools materials:

Children tend to throw things, so glass and ceramics can be dangerous when broken. Therefore, parents should prioritize materials that are less likely to break, such as wood, silicone, or plastics with safe ingredients. However, it’s essential to choose plastic products with a clear brand and origin. Avoid using plastic items for heating food and stay away from products containing BPA. BPA is a substance known to harm the brain, disrupt the nervous system, and cause various other health issues. Inochi’s Amori feeding products are made from virgin PP plastic with colorants and antibacterial additives (Ag+), so parents can confidently choose them for their children.

3. Choose attractive designs and colors:

During the weaning period, children treat food and eating utensils like toys. If the products have bright colors and cute designs, it will make mealtime more enjoyable for the little ones..

4. Select products size that fit with your baby:

A baby’s feeding tools should not be shared with the family’s regular dining utensils. The size of these items should not be too large, as it can make feeding difficult and pose a choking hazard. When buying for your child, read the product information carefully to ensure it’s suitable for your baby’s age and capacity.

Additionally, families should determine whether the baby will be self-feeding or if adults will be feeding the baby. If adults are feeding the baby, choose utensils with longer handles. If the baby is self-feeding, opt for smaller, shorter utensils that fit the baby’s grip.

Parents can explore Inochi’s range of feeding products for babies here.