Summer care tips for newborn baby that parents need to know

Taking care of a newborn baby in the summer requires careful attention and a loving approach. Regularly checking the baby’s body temperature, ensuring they receive proper nutrition, and dressing them in suitable clothing are essential.

Caring for newborns in the summer is a matter of great concern for many parents. Hot weather and high humidity are the main reasons why newborns, who are already sensitive to temperature changes, are prone to various illnesses. To help your baby stay healthy, here is a helpful guide on summer newborn care.

1. Signs that indicate discomfort in hot weather

As we enter the summer season, the intense heat can cause babies to feel overheated, tired, and frequently uncomfortable. How can parents identify the signs indicating that their baby is affected by the hot weather?

One simple way to check is by gently placing your hand on their chest or back to feel their body temperature or using a thermometer to measure their body temperature. Additionally, pay attention to the following cues from your baby:

  • The baby easily becomes irritable and fussy.
  • The baby cries but produces fewer tears.
  • The baby looks tired and lacks the usual cheerful expressions.
  • The baby refuses to drink milk, stops breastfeeding, or loses interest in eating. The baby may have shown signs of dehydration such as dry lips, pale and less elastic skin, decreased urine output, and less frequent bowel movements…

2. Summer care tips for newborn baby

During the summer, the weak immune system of newborn babies makes them highly susceptible to respiratory, digestive, and bacterial infections. Follow the advice below to enjoy a healthy and joyful summer with your baby!

2.1. Checking the baby’s body temperature

Due to the limited ability of newborns to regulate their body temperature, it is crucial to regularly check their temperature in the summer. The normal body temperature for a newborn ranges from 97.7-99.0 degrees Fahrenheit. In particular, parents should pay attention to the following temperature ranges:

From 99.5-101.3 degrees Fahrenheit: If the baby has a slight fever, parents should use methods such as warm compresses, cool compresses, or loosen their clothing to help reduce the fever. Above 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit: In this case, parents should administer a fever-reducing medication to the baby. If the fever persists, it is advisable to seek immediate medical assistance at the nearest healthcare facility.

2.2. Bathing the baby in the summer

In hot weather, maintaining proper hygiene for the baby is a simple yet essential part of newborn care. However, parents should only bathe the baby once a day to avoid the risk of catching a cold and adjust the water temperature accordingly. If the baby sweats, parents can simply change their clothes and then use a warm, damp towel to gently wipe their body.

During bath time, it is important to ensure that the baby’s head is always supported and never leave them alone as it can be dangerous. After bathing, carefully lift the baby out and pat their skin gently to dry, then use a soft towel to wipe their entire body.

Furthermore, choosing the right baby bathtub is also a matter of concern. Parents should select sturdy and easy-to-grip bathtubs that are not too thin, and free from harmful substances for the baby’s delicate skin.

2.3. Protecting the baby’s skin from the sun

To properly care for a newborn in the summer, parents should limit their exposure to the sun, especially during the period from 10 am to 2 pm when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Since a newborn’s skin is soft and delicate, parents can use sun shades or wrap them in lightweight fabric and a thin cloth to shield them from the sun. Parents can also research and purchase sunscreens specifically designed for newborns.

2.4. Ensuring proper nutrition for the baby

Ensuring proper nutrition for a newborn is a well-known tip of summer newborn care that most parents are familiar with. If the baby has started solid foods, parents can supplement their daily menu with various vegetables, fruits, juices, and smoothies. Parents can refer to baby feeding set at Inochi to provide nutritious meals for their child. Most importantly, the baby needs to be adequately hydrated and regularly given water to prevent dehydration during hot days. Parents can choose a compact water bottle made from safe materials at Inochi to ensure the baby drinks enough water.

However, babies under 6 months old should not be given water, so mothers should focus on breastfeeding. It is important to properly store and handle breast milk to prevent spoilage and bacterial contamination in hot weather conditions.

2.5. Ensuring sufficient sleep for the baby during summer

A tip of summer newborn care is ensuring proper sleep for the baby. Sufficient sleep helps the baby’s body stay energized, healthy, and less susceptible to minor illnesses. To promote good sleep for the baby on sunny days, parents should pay attention to the following:

  • The baby’s sleeping environment should be comfortable and cool.
  • Choose a stroller and crib made of lightweight fabric, preferably nylon.
  • Only use diapers at night to ensure uninterrupted and restful sleep for the baby.

2.6. Choosing cool and lightweight clothing for the baby

During the summer, the baby’s body temperature tends to be higher than normal, making them prone to sweating. Therefore, a helpful tip for summer newborn care is choosing clothing made from breathable, soft, and sweat-absorbent fabrics for the baby to prevent sweat from accumulating and causing discomfort.

Additionally, parents should pay attention to selecting fabric softeners that are suitable for the baby’s delicate skin and avoid washing the baby’s clothes together with other family members’ garments. After washing, it is important for parents to arrange and store the baby’s clothing in a cool and clean place to prevent bacterial infections. Inochi suggests using versatile storage boxes to help parents easily organize the baby’s clothes.

These are some proper and safe ways to care for a newborn baby during the summer. Inochi hopes that with these tips, parents can enjoy a joyful and healthy summer with their precious little ones!